Help Mahika Halepete With “Write for our blog!”:

How To Help:

As a copywriter, you'd be working to develop written content on our website, whether that's editing our existing pages, creating new content, or creating blog content to be cross-posted on PeerSpring,, and PeaceFirst. You can visit out blog at We want to push out content that is inspiring and talks about the unique work we do to help others change their mindsets re: development and also tangibly reform their programs.


The content would be focused on --

- Human-centered design & empathy

- Sustainable development goals

- Design thinking & innovation

- Youth empowerment

- Gender equality 

- Literacy & education


Basically you'd be editing existing content on our blog for better verbiage, vocabulary, sentence structure, detail...a lot of them were when I was strapped for time and had to push a quick update, and the content is not great. You'd get admin privileges on our blog to create the changes directly. If you see issues with the copy on our website itself, you could help to craft that to be more compelling + moving. I have several resources of what I'd like to emulate.


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